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What are Incognito hidden braces?

Incognito hidden braces are sometimes referred to as lingual braces. They're distinguising feature is that they're fixed behind your teeth rather than in front. This enables you to undergo treatment discreetly by hiding your braces from the public. 


Benefits of Incognito braces


  • Custom made:  Each brace is custom made for you to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness


  • Appearance: Because they're placed behind your teeth you can undergo treatment discreetly


  • Broad application: They can be used across a broad spectrum of conditions and age groups.


  • Reduced risk: No risk of decalcification to the front of your teeth and because they're made from gold there is no risk of nickel allergy symptoms


  • Increased comfort: Because the brace is attached behind your teeth you'll not be at risk of irritation from the brace rubbing against your lips or cheeks



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