Referral by your dentist

Before you can begin NHS treatment with Osborne Orthodontics we will require a referral from the your regular dentist. The dentist will provide us some information that is required for us to assess if you meet the criteria for NHS treatment.


If you do meet the criteria for treatment then we will make contact with you to schedule an appointment.


The assessment allows us to meet you and review the condition of your mouth. The purpose of this is to:


  • Check that your condition reflects the information contained within the referral documentation

  • Understand if anything has changed since your referral request was sent to us by your dentist

  • Understand if treatment is required by your dentist prior to treatment (eg. extraction/s).

  • Explain the treatment process and understand if you want to continue.


Assessment outcomes


The assessment will result in one of the following outcomes:


Ready for treatment

If we think that you're ready for treatment then we will schedule you an appointment when the treatment will take place.


Refer for further treatment

Sometimes further treatment is required before treatment can begin. This may be because you have a complex condition or you may require extractions before treatment can begin. In either case you will be referred back to your dentist or a specialist for treatment and asked to contact us once the additional treatment is scheduled. This is so we can book a folllow up appointment to ensure you have healed sufficiently prior to treatment.



Sometimes we may decide that you're not ready for treatment and agree to review your condition in the future.



If after having the treatment process explained you do not want to proceed then you will be discharged. You will also be discharged if your oral health is too poor to continue therefore it is important that you adopt good oral hygiene practices before your assessment.

Brace fitting

The brace fitting typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes. During the fitting the orthodontist will explain how to take care of your braces and maintain good dental hygiene. Following our guidance is key to achieving the best possible results.


Visit the treatment guidelines section of the site for a reminder if required.


A follow up appointment will be scheduled to review progress of your treatment.


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