We kindly ask that all patients follow the guidelines set out below before, during and after treatment

Before treatment
  • Attend all scheduled appointments or cancel them with at least 24 hours notice.


  • Follow any and all oral hygiene guidance provided by your regular dentist prior to treatment. Failure to do so may result in unsatisfactory oral hygiene that restricts treatment.

During treatment
  • If you are requested to wear any appliances or elastics as part of your treatment then please do so.


  • Contact us immediately if you have any problems with your braces or if you think they may be broken or damaged in any way.


  • Do not tamper with your braces or braces or attempt to adjust them at home.


  • It is imperative that your diet and oral hygiene is strictly controlled to minimise decay, staining, gum disease and damage to braces. If the brace is not cared for as instructed then NHS guidelines require us to remove your brace which will only leave you the option to continue treatment on a private basis.


After your treatment ends


  • Continue to schedule and attend appointments with your regular dentist to review your general oral health.


  • Continue to follow the good oral hygiene practices that you have used throughout treatment, they will ensure a healthy smile and mouth for years to come.


Patient conduct


Osborne Orthodontics will not tolerate any form of abusive behaviour towards any members of staff or other patients. If our team determine that you are abusive in any manner then you will be told to leave the premises and you may not be able to return for treatment.



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