What style of braces should I expect?

The braces provided to you as part of your NHS treatment will be what is referred to as a conventional fixed brace (as shown on the right) which is the most commonly used appliance. They are very effective at precisely moving teeth to provide the desired results.


The brace is positioned in front of the teeth using metal brackets connected by a thin wire which is held in place with elastic bands.

How do braces work?

The thin wire is referred to as an arch wire. The arch wire helps the orthodontist apply a constant yet gentle pressure on your teeth. Over time this pressure moves your teeth into the correct position to achieve the desired appearance.

Are fixed braces the best option?

The 'best' option really depends on your oral condition and your preferences in terms of appearance and end results. To cater for our patients needs Osborne Orthodontics offers many styles of braces.


However, fixed braces are affordable, comfortable and proven to consistently deliver excellent results. If you would like to consider alternative options then feel free to contact us but be aware that only fixed braces will be offered with NHS orthodontic treatment - as per NHS guidelines.




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